Monday, June 22, 2009

Replacement Sofa Cushions - A Sofa in a Living Room

Author: Rick Lee

the living room is the best way to show the masters' personal taste, the sofa is the protagonist here.

Sofa plays an important role in the living room, which often determines a room melody. So, what should be considered before purchasing a sofa?

Comfort comes firstly. we are busy all day long in office, we just can go home to relax. so sofa seats should be very comfortable, sit-cushion and back-cushion should be suited to the surface of human physiological structure. but If it is smaller room, recliner sofa is a good choice.

Secondly, different style sofa for men at different age. For elder people, sofa height is very important, it is not convenient to sit down and stand up if it is too high. for new couples, should consider safety and durability after the birth of a child, sofas can not have sharp edges and corners of the hardware and its color should be bright and lively.

Thirdly, choose a sofa as per room size, structure, it is preferable compact wood sofa or fabric sofa. large living room with large sofas and coffee table, which is more convenient and comfortable; for smaller room, there is some small sofa with a storage space, which can save space and a multi-purpose.

fourthly, considering the variability of the sofa. the "corner sofa" comprised with 5-7 separate single sofas can be moved in different position. it can give freshness if transforming their layout. we can buy more one extra fabric cover when we buy a fabric sofa, in order to change in different seasons.

fifthly, fabric sofa coordinates with other decorative styles of living room furniture. Sofa fabric, patterns, colors tend to dominate the room from the style of role, so, a fabric sofa bought first, then other living room furniture bought secondly is a wise choice.

additionally, fabric sofa is cheap, and it turns to a new one if the cover is replaced. and fabric sofa does not appear to be luxury, comparing a leather sofa.

why leather sofa is not durable if you have kids? he or she jumps on a leather sofa or urinary by carelessness. in the mean time, you have to take care of the leather sofa very often, like cleaning. but a leather sofa in the living room, looks very high-grade and make living room very beautiful. if the living room is enough big, the leather sofa is good choice. if not, a fabric sofa is prefer to feel warm in a living room. obviously, in accordance with your overall home decor. leather sofa is the first choice for a big house. fabric sofa for small household. similarly, leather sofa for luxury decoration and fabric sofa for concise style. a leather sofa it not is easy to take care. it is white sofa in my honey's house. but now it is not the original colors. but I'd rather choose leather sofa, simple and generous. we can have another feeling if cushion is changed into another style. it is aesthetic fatigue if we choose fabric sofa.

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